First Blog Post: Introduction, Sports Medicine & Everyday Fitness Tips

Welcome to the first of hopefully many informative and educational (possibly amusing) blogs about Sports Physio (NZ) Ltd, my adventures, learnings and insights.

The plan is to write something each month, or when the inspiration hits me.

Sometimes I want to share amazing useful information with you, like this month!

I was very happy to attend the Auckland Branch of the NZ Society of Physiotherapists Symposium on the Foot and Ankle last Saturday 30th June.

I and 270 of my colleagues (approximately) were there to learn more about the best practice and latest evidence regarding Injuries, radiology, surgical techniques and Physiotherapy management of Foot and Ankle injuries.

And in regards to Exercise and Sports Medicine in general.

I would like to share a couple of key points with you all.

  1. The evidence for staying active, keeping fit and avoiding sedentary lifestyles continues to grow.

Basically if you sit down a lot- think about it…add up sitting at home, on transport and at work, and the back at home again… you are at vastly increased risk of dying from metabolic diseases.

The trick is to keep active throughout the day.

The evidence is very clear- you can work out for an hour hard out, but if you sit down all day (6 hours plus) your risk of an earlier death from things like diabetes and cardiovascular disease (amongst many others) is hugely increased.

The actual study details I was not provided with- though I can contact the speaker and request them if you want to know more….

But one frightening statistic she quoted was

95% Increased risk of early death from metabolic disease in women if sedentary for 6 hours plus.

Men had it slightly better (typical!) but it was still 45% increased risk- almost half as likely as non-sedentary men of dying prematurely)

  1. Brain degeneration over the age of 25- Yes! That’s right 25 years old- your brain will start to show evidence of axonal degeneration in key areas

Crikey! I am turning 50 this year and I think my brain may still be intact- I seem quite sharp- but I am not as sharp as I used to be obviously!

The evidence being discussed coming out of the most recent research basically states that high-intensity exercise (over 80% of YOUR Maximum Heart rate) for 30 minutes 3 x a week is PREVENTATIVE AGAINST THIS LOSS OF AXONS


Your Brain will Thank you for it!

Now I don’t know about you people- but that makes me

  1. Happy that I don’t sit down at work very much.

  2. Keen to increase my high intensity exercise.


Here are some solutions:

(For those of you who already know me I am full of great solutions for every problem or excuse my clients have!

Exercise more in everyday ways



                    Using public transport instead of door to door parking, use the stairs.

Walk your dog. (rescue one if you don’t have one- or borrow one!)

Standing Desks at work

Walking Meetings- get the meeting walking in the park near work

Get up every 15-20 minutes and move your body

Dance and Play

Housework- Crank up the stereo and dance with that vacuum cleaner

Gardening like sweeping, raking, digging

Add 3 sessions of something hard and heart pounding for that Brain protection.

And of course- check with your health professional if you are on medications, have any medical conditions or are just worried because you haven’t exercised in a while.

Injury problems stopping you?

Maybe you need a chat with your Physio Tanya Browne Give me a call on 0274990539

Physios don’t just assess and treat you when you get an injury. We can do so much more…the next Blog will be a little more focused on what I can do to help you, your friends and family at Sports Physio (NZ) Ltd. If you want to know more, check out the Home and Services Pages on this website to get an idea! Stay active out there and chase those Winter Blues away with some natural endorphins!

Regards, Tanya Browne.


Tanya Browne