Treatment Times

Sports Physio (NZ) Ltd is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive care.

Treatment Sessions are designed to allow adequate time for thorough Assessment, Treatment, Education, Rehabilitation and associated administration to be completed.

Our commitment to you:

  • Longer sessions for comprehensive care and attention.

  • Individualised sessions- No one size fits all prescriptive advice at this clinic.

  • One-on-One attention, we see One Client at a time.

We recommend:

  • Initial Visit 60 minutes

    Especially for complex, long-standing or multiple injury sites

  • Follow-up visits

    Range from 30-60 minutes depending on your needs

  • Shorter sessions are available

    15 minutes for a quick chat, Sports Taping or Dry Needling.

    PRICES (All GST Inclusive).

  • ACC Registered ( Accepted for Cover).

    15 mins $15.00

    30 mins $30.00

    45 mins $45.00

    60 mins $60.00

  • Private Fees

    15 mins $25.00

    30 mins $50.00

    45 mins $75.00

    60 mins $100.00

Pilates Fees

Classes in Waitakere and Henderson

Concession Cards $12.50 per class

Casual rate $15.00

Book yourself an Individual or Small Group Session- Prices vary depending on location and numbers.

ACC is applicable in some cases where Pilates is an evidence-based treatment for that condition or injury.

Please enquire if you think this might apply to you.